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Exclude certain items from OTL

If you wish to exclude certain items from receiving discount offers, PosherVA provides you with this option. You can do this in both the Automatic OTL and Bulk Offers features. We recommend maintaining one list and sharing it between Automatic OTL and Bulk Offers for convenience. Therefore, the primary location for managing this list (adding and removing elements) is in the Automatic OTL section, and you can reuse it in Bulk Offers.

How to Add Items to the Exclude List

Navigate to the item you wish to exclude from the offer. To do this, open the item page to view its full details.

Copy the item's URL from the browser's address bar. See the image below for guidance on finding and copying it.

Open the PosherVA extension and navigate to the ACTIONS tab, then open the Automatic OTL section.

Scroll down to find the option "Exclude individual items by URL".

Click the "Add item" button.

Paste the previously copied item's URL and click "Save item".

Click another "Save" button to ensure your settings are saved globally.

Repeat these steps for any additional URLs if needed.

Tip: PosherVA can be opened in a separate tab, allowing the window to remain open without automatically hiding. This can make it much easier to configure your settings. Check out how to open it here ↗️.

You can reuse the created exclude list in the Bulk Offers. Check out how to do that here ↗️.

Updated on: 03/13/2024

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