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Install the PosherVA Extension

Install PosherVA

The current version of the PosherVA must be used on a computer in the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser.

Installing PosherVA is simple:

If you don’t have Google Chrome, download it here or Microsoft Edge from here.
Then, download the PosherVA Chrome extension here.

Here is the step-by-step to download PosherVA:

Visit the Chrome Web Store and select Add to Chrome.

If you're using Microsoft Edge and can't find the "Add to Chrome" button, learn how to fix it by clicking here.

On the confirmation screen, select Add extension.

Don't worry, we won't change any your data on Poshmark, especially without your permission.

After installation, you will pin the extension by clicking on the puzzle piece icon and the pushpin icon.

If you are unable to locate the icon, please refer to the video which provides a detailed overview.

Now, you’re ready to use PosherVA to make more sales!

Updated on: 07/22/2024

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