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Sharing & Activity Limits

Sharing & Activity Limits

PosherVA is safe to use if you limit your activity in accordance with our recommendations.

PosherVA Activity Limits

Do not exceed the following activity limits in a 24-hour period:

6-8k shares (depends on various factors, more details below)
6k follows/unfollows
150 relists (45/hour limit)

Please see the stats tab on the extension for your activity counter where you can set limits so you’re always safe.


Daily shares refer to all types of shares (self-shares, community shares, etc.)*
We do not recommend that you unfollow at a high volume regularly. Unfollowing does not benefit one’s account and it causes PosherVA to encounter more CAPTCHAs. Learn more here

Tip: To prevent actions from being blocked, use moderate speeds for various functions. Medium is a good speed for all activities. PosherVA also randomizes intervals between to protect your account. 🔒

What happens if I don’t follow activity limits?

Poshmark™ has unofficial limits as to how many shares and activities you can perform within 24 hours.

While we don’t know the magic number, we do know that it is based on the number of shares in addition to:

The age of your Poshmark™ account
Your number of active listings
The speed of your activities

Set limits in the Options tab of the extension in accordance with the recommendations above. These recommendations are based on routine, extensive testing and user feedback. They are intentionally conservative to protect your account.

What is Poshmark™ Share Jail?

Poshmark™ restricts the daily activity you can perform on the platform. If you exceed the daily limit, you’ll end up in “share jail.”

“Share jail” occurs when you have exceeded the daily limit of shares allowed by Poshmark (or you have otherwise triggered a temporary action ban on your account, by speed, for example).

Follow the recommended limits above to avoid “share jail.” 🎯

When you end up in “share jail,” you temporarily can’t share your listings. You will still be able to do everything else on your account.

Share jail is temporary. It just means you have reached the 24-hour limit. Within a few hours to a day, you will be able to resume sharing activity.

In addition to “share jail,” Poshmark has unofficial daily limits as to the amount of Poshers you can follow and unfollow, and the amount of new daily listings that you can create.

Again, if you exceed the unofficial daily number of (un)follows or new listings, you will be temporarily banned from performing more activities.

Do not worry if you find yourself in Poshmark Jail temporarily. It will resolve quickly.

The best practice is to stay out of jail by following recommended daily limits (see above).  💯

Tip: In the Options Tab, set your stats to display for the last 24 hours as this is the way that Poshmark™ sets limits:

Then, you can monitor your stats in the Stats Tab to be sure you’re within the daily recommendations.

At PosherVA, your account is our priority. All features and activities are routinely tested. All activities have randomized time intervals to occur between activities and other safeguards in place to protect you. Over 10,000 Poshers use and trust PosherVA.

We’ve got you 🫶

Updated on: 11/30/2023

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