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We’d love to work with you! Here is how to become a PosherVA affiliate.

Become a PosherVA Affiliate

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 20% commission on your referrals. The sellers you refer get 20% off their first payment. It’s a win-win 🙌🏽

Referred customers save 20% on their first payment.

Apply To Be a PosherVA Affiliate

Affiliate Terms and Rules

You must be a customer of PosherVA
You will receive 20% commission on your referrals.
Minimum payout $20
Rewards are pending for 30 days.
Payment are made through Paypal, wise, Bank transfer.
Self-referral is forbidden and will result in your account getting banned.

How to log into the PosherVA affiliate panel

To access the affiliate panel, go to the page and follow the provided instructions.

Once you log in, you can see the affiliate dashboard. You can find your coupon code (1) and affiliate links (2) from there. You can add up to 5 links. We do not recommend editing the default link.

PosherVA affiliate panel

Add the PayOut method.

To add the rewards payout method, go to the Settings tab.

Choose the desired payout method

1) PayPal - payout to PayPal account.
2) Wise - payout to Wise account. Check out what is Wise.
3) Wire - Wire bank transfer (Please note that a fee of $30 may be applied for wire bank transfers.)
4) Local Bank - Local bank payment refers to a direct deposit into a bank account.

Add the PayOut method.

When you choose PayPal, your account email will be automatically used as a PayPal email. You may edit it if needed, but make sure you click Save after that to apply the changes.

Frequently asked questions about the Affiliate Program

I used Partnerstack to track referrals' signups and rewards, but now I need to use the Tolt system.

Yes, we previously used the Partnerstack affiliate program management service. However, since 2024, we have migrated to the Tolt service. Please use the to track new affiliates, rewards, and payouts. We no longer report data to Partnerstack, but your account remains active. You may also join other affiliate programs that Partnerstack offers in their catalog.

What should I do if I shared my referral link with a friend and she signed up, but I didn't receive any rewards in my account?

First, ask your friend for the email address she used to sign up. Then, contact us and provide us with this information. We will do our best to handle the situation and ensure that you receive your rewards as soon as possible.

You can email us at if you have any questions regarding our affiliate program.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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