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⚠️ If you are using cross-listing service like Vendoo or List Perfectly, please be aware that using the Delist/relist feature in PosherVA will break the connection to the corresponding Poshmark listing in your cross-listing app's inventory. This means that marking an item as sold in the cross-listing app will not automatically delist the item on Poshmark, as the item link will have changed. Feel free to contact us if you require further information.

Stale listings? Refresh them with PosherVA! The relist feature will create brand-new listings to maximize exposure and make more sales!

🆕 [UPDATE] 📣📣📣 The relist feature creates a brand-new listing! The listing is not a “copy” but an entirely new listing with a new URL!

Relist Settings

On the Actions tab, select Relist.

Relist tab

- Daily relist limit allows you to set a limit as to how many listings PosherVA will relist (recommended 150 max.)
- Ignore broken images while relisting - allows you to bypass any listings that cannot be relisted will all images in your original listing.
- Exclude individual items by URL - allows you to exclude certain listings from relist by URLs.
- Source of items - allows you to select your entire closet or individually select items that you would like to relist.
- Relist items by age - allows you to enter a minimum or maximum number of days to exclude items from delisting. See below.
- Per-Run Relist Cap - allows you to specify how many items to relist in a single cycle, up to a maximum of 50. Items are relisted from oldest to newest.
- Raise items' prices - allows you to raise your items price for your new listings, you can do so by percent or a flat amount.

New! You can also schedule automatic listings! To do this, click schedule rather than start. This is an excellent daily practice to increase exposure and sales! 👏🏽

Learn more about settings and best practices below 👇🏽

PosherVA Bulk Relist

PosherVA entirely deletes the old listing and creates a brand new listing. Note that this is not a shortcut to Poshmark’s “Copy” feature but so much better- you will have a brand new listing!

A few important notes about the Relist feature:

PosherVA cannot relist items with existing offers.

Do not relist more than 150 items in 24 hours. Learn more about activity limits here.

If you use a cross-listing service like Vendoo or ListPerfectly, the relist feature will “break the sync” to your item on your crosslisting software. This is because it creates a new URL.

PosherVA Bulk Relist Settings

Daily Relist Limit

Set the daily relist limit to the number of listings you want to Relist each day.

Do not exceed 150 daily listings. Learn more about activity limits here.

Relist Items By Age

This feature allows you to control which listings are relisted based on the age of the listing.
💡 Tip: Relist your oldest or “stalest” listings for the best results!

If you do not want to exclude listings by age, enter 0.

Number of Items to Relist

This feature allows you to enter how many items to relist.

Note: The maximum you can relist in one hour is 50 to protect your account. PosherVA allows you to select up to 50 at once. Do not exceed 150 relists in one day. Learn more about activity limits here.

Raise Items’ Prices

This feature allows you to raise your items’ prices when you relist.

Note, if you do not raise your prices, your items will relist with the current active price.

We recommend that you raise your prices. Brand new listings receive extra exposure, so raise your prices to increase your chances of making higher-priced sales. This will also allow you room for future price drops and to take advantage of Closet Clear Out Days™. Learn more here.

Source of Items

This feature allows you to select which items to relist.

If you select "My Closet", all items in your closet that match your age's filters will be relisted. By default, PosherVA will begin relisting from oldest items to newest, subject to any other filters or rules you have created.

If you select “Selected Items from the Closet Page,” PosherVA will relist any items of your choice. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to select listings.

Selected items from the closet page to relist

By default, PosherVA fetches all your items and relists them in order from oldest to newest based on the filters you apply, considering the age in number of days. However, in some instances, you might prefer to relist specific items. For this, we've introduced an option that allows you to select particular items from your closet for relisting. Here's how to use it:

In the "Relist" section, look for the "Source of Items" option. Within this, you'll find the "Selected Items from the Closet Page" option. Familiarize yourself with this, then follow these steps:

Open your closet page.
Click on the small PosherVA icon located to the right of your closet. (Refer to the video for visual guidance).

From the dropdown, select Select Items.
Your closet will now enter "Select Mode," from here, your items will display with the listing date and age in days, and you can manually select any listings you would like to relist.
Once you've made your selections, navigate back to the main PosherVA popup window. Click on "Relist" and under "Source of Items," select "Selected Items from the Closet Page." This will indicate the items you've chosen to relist.
Configure any additional options if necessary.
Click "Start" to initiate the relisting process.

For a step-by-step, see the video!

Relist Multi-size or Variables listings

The PosherVA supports relisting multi-size or variable listings. However, there's one limitation: once you've sold a particular item or one piece from variable listings, you cannot delete the original listing from your closet. Therefore, when PosherVA creates a new listing from an existing one, we will mark the original listing as "Not for sale" since we can't delete it. The new listing will be created with updated items and size quantities, deducting the ones that were sold.

In case there are no sold items in the multi-quantity listing, we will delete the original one and create a new one.

What is "broken images"?

You may notice the options under Relist "Ignore broken images while relisting" that you could toggle On/Off. By default, it's Off.

We have discovered that some percent of listings have broken/not working images. It's a tiny number of listings and can be present for a few closets.

An example of how this image looks is when you open an item.

By default, PosherVA does not relist items that cannot properly process all item images. You can enable the option to ignore broken images and continue relisting by toggling on "Ignore broken images while relisting".

The PosherVA extension additional permissions

You may encounter a message in PosherVA requesting additional permissions for relisting. This only needs to be done once. See an example in image:

After clicking "Grant permission" you will see a popup notification with details about this permission. Please click "Allow." This permission allows the extension to download item images from image hosting ( properly and upload them back to Poshmark when creating new listings.

This permission has to be granted separately because if we enable it by default in the installation process, it will cause the extension to be disabled for everyone who already has the PosherVA extension.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to assist you.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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