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Offer to Likers Without Shipping Discount

⭐ Please read this ⭐. It appears that the option to send an Offer to Likers without requiring a shipping discount is no longer available on Poshmark. However, based on previous experience, the Poshmark platform occasionally activates this option for one day. Unfortunately, we do not know when it will be available again.

Not all closet owners have access to the OTL without a shipping discount, or Poshmark will turn it off again, so we have implemented a workaround for the PosherVA. Suppose you have set up to send offers without a shipping discount via PosherVA but your closet does not have this option. In that case, PosherVA will automatically send the offer with the lowest possible shipping discount, $5.95. This approach will help prevent any errors during the offer-to-likers (OTL) sending process.

We are not sure that Poshmark will keep this option permanently due to the banner they show when it is active.

So once again, if this option is NOT available, but you have chosen this option in the PosherVA, we will send the lowest possible shipping discount, $5.95.

How to Check if You Can Send OTLs Without a Shipping Discount?

To confirm whether this option is available to you, simply open any of your listings that have received likes and proceed to send a Offer to Likers. After selecting the discount percentage, the next step involves choosing the shipping discount. At this stage, you should see the option "No Discount." If "No Discount" appears, it indicates you are now able to send OTLs without including a shipping discount.

Refer to the example in the following image:

Can I send OTL without Shipping Discount through the PosherVA?

The feature that enables sending Offers to Likers (OTL) without Shipping Discount through PosherVA has been available since version 1.4.71 and following versions (1.4.72, ....). Learn how to verify your extension version here - If you wish to send automatic OTLs without including a shipping discount, you will need to adjust your Automatic OTL settings in the ACTIONS tab. Additionally, this functionality is accessible when dispatching OTLs through Bulk Offers.

The option No shipping discount is not yet available in the PosherVA when you want to use flexible shipping discount - "Price-dependent discount" only with the "Fixed discount" type.

Updated on: 04/05/2024

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