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How to check the extension version and update it

When we release an update for the PosherVA Chrome extension, the time it takes for Google Chrome to apply this update can vary.

To ensure that you're using the latest features and receiving the best performance from your extension, it's crucial to check its version and update it regularly. Follow the steps below to verify the current version of your extension and update it if necessary.

The latest version of the PosherVA Chrome extension is 2.0.5.

How to check your current extension version:

Launch the PosherVA Extension: Begin by opening the PosherVA extension from your browser's toolbar or extension menu.
Navigate to the Last Tab: Click on the last tab within the extension interface.
View the Version: Once the tab is opened, scroll to the bottom. The version number of the PosherVA extension will be displayed there. See the example on the bottom image.

How to Force the PosherVA Extension Update

⚠️ Caution: Please ensure you're not running Sharing, Price Drop, or Bulk Offer to Liker tasks when forcing the update. The "force" update process might interrupt and stop these active tasks.

There are several ways to force an update of the PosherVA extension. I will list all of them, so you can choose the easiest one for you:

A. You can just try to restart the computer and it should force the automatic udpate.

B. (A bit complex method) Manually force the update via Manage Extensions menu

Open your Google Chrome settings (click on the three dots in the upper right corner).
Choose Extensions from the dropdown menu.
Select Manage Extensions.
Toggle on Developer Mode (usually found at the top right).
Click on the Update button several times (around 5 times should suffice).
(Optional) Toggle off Developer Mode after updating.

You can access the "Manage Extensions" page by copying and pasting "chrome://extensions/" into your browser.

The video example is at the bottom (the video is for the older Chrome version, and it's a bit different from the first 3 steps).

C. Reinstall the Extension

⚠️ Warning: After uninstalling, you will need to re-add your schedules as they will be deleted.

Navigate to PosherVA Chrome Extension.
Click on Remove from Chrome to uninstall the extension.
Once uninstalled, you can then reinstall it from the same link by clicking Add to Chrome.

⚠️ Warning: After uninstalling, you will need to re-add your schedules as they will be deleted.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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