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Why Your Closet Failed the PosherVA Automatic Verification for the 14-Day Free Trial

When you first start using the PosherVA extension, you may receive a notification stating that your closet did not pass automatic verification to initiate the 14-day free trial. What does this mean? Here's an example of the notification below:

This situation usually occurs if your closet is newly registered and has only a few listings. We have additional parameters that we pay attention to, but cannot discuss publicly.

We were compelled to implement this verification process because, given our generous 14-day free trial and the fact that we do not request credit card details in advance for the trial, we encountered abuse from scammers. These scammers create fake Poshmark closets and attempt to defraud buyers by selling counterfeit products. If you have a legitimate seller's closet, you will pass this verification without issue, or our team will approve your account shortly after you receive this notification.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Updated on: 01/28/2024

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