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Community Shares

Community Shares

How to do Community Shares, sharing others’ listings with PosherVA.

Sharing other sellers' closet items on Poshmark is a practice that can bring several benefits to sellers, enhancing both the community aspect of the platform and individual success. Here’s why it’s a good strategy:

Increased Visibility: Sharing others' items encourages reciprocal shares, boosting your closet's exposure to their followers and keeping your listings active in feeds.
Community Engagement: Actively sharing within the community builds goodwill, increases your followers, and enhances engagement, making your closet more noticeable.
Increased Sales: More visibility and engagement often lead to higher sales, as your items are seen by a wider audience.
Algorithm Favor: Being active, including sharing others' listings, may positively influence Poshmark's algorithm, improving your items' visibility in search results and feeds.
Building Relationships: Sharing fosters relationships with other sellers, which can provide support, advice, and a network to boost your closet's visibility.
Reach and maintain Poshmark™ Ambassador status.

Forget the process of manually sharing by clicking buttons for hours each day with PosherVA’s Sharing Feature. 🔥

PosherVA facilitates sharing in various ways, offering you control over what, where, how, and when to share Poshmark™ listings. Here are the methods by which you can share others’ listings with PosherVA:

Share listings directly from someone's closet.
Share listings from specific category, brand, or event search results.
Return shares when someone shares any of your listings.

Each type of sharing can be initiated immediately one time or scheduled to occur automatically every day without your intervention.
We will describe each of these methods in more detail below.

Did you know that Poshmark™ does not have a bulk tool for community shares? We’ve got you.

You can also set PosherVA to automatically return shares when another Posher shares your listings. PosherVA will return the favor for you! ❤️

An Overview of the Share Tab:

First, to perform community shares, be sure you navigate the page to either (1) the closet you want to share from or (2) the newsfeed.

Type of sharing refers to how and to where PosherVA will share your listings. See below.

Source of items refers to which listings to share. You can share all listings, or filter your page to segment listings and share only those.

Sharing speed refers to how many seconds elapse between shares.

Sharing settings enable you to:

Enter a number of listings to share
Share in reverse order or randomize
Also share eligible listings to the active Poshmark™ Party.
Continuously share, or repeat this action multiple times consecutively.

Learn more about settings and best practices below 👇🏽

Community-Sharing: Sharing Other Poshers’ Listings

Community shares are encouraged on Poshmark™. While they are not as crucial as self-shares, they are favored by the Poshmark algorithm.

Here is more information about when, where, why, and how to do community shares with PosherVA:

Do I Need to Share Other People’s Listings on Poshmark?

Recently, Poshmark™ announced that said your listings are up to ten times more likely to sell if you engage in community-sharing daily.

You will also need to complete routine community shares to maintain Poshmark™ Ambassador status.

You can expect that others will share your listings with their followers in return, boosting your exposure!

Tip: To share listings from brand-new closets, select “Items from New Poshers’ closets.” This is a metric tracked by Poshmark and required to reach and maintain Poshmark™ Ambassador II status.

How Many Community Shares Should I Do on Poshmark Daily?

You want to do a handful of community shares daily. However, remember that you only have approximately 8k self-shares daily.
Prioritize self-shares.

Sharing your own listings is more important for making sales. We recommend that you do around 500 community shares daily.

Tip: Use the Activity Returner to automatically return shares! You can even set a limit on shares to return.

Which Listings to Share

It really doesn’t matter which listings you share when you do community shares.

How to Share a Subset of Items:

If you feel inclined to share only some items, you can use Posh’s filters to filter the page (by category/brand/size/etc.) to display only the items you want to share.

Under Source of items, you will select “From current page” to share only items that currently appear on your page.

To learn how to schedule daily community shares, click here.

To learn how to automatically return shares click here.

To learn about how to do self-shares, click here.

Updated on: 03/28/2024

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