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Rearrange - save closet items layout


We're excited to introduce a new feature in the PosherVA extension - the "Rearrange" feature. This function allows you to save the current layout of items in Poshmark closet and restore them to that specific order whenever desired.

Please note that we do not support saving the "Not For Sale" items. If you are using Not For Sale items to organize your closet, we suggest using regular listings with high prices (for example, 50,000).

Why use the Rearrange feature?

Over time, as you share items and add new listings to your Poshmark closet, the order of your listings can get mixed up. The "Rearrange" feature ensures that you can always bring back your preferred item order with ease.

How does it work?

Saving your closet layout:
- Navigate to the PosherVA SHARE tab.
- Look for the "Rearrange" section.
- Click on "Save Layout." This action will save the current order of items in your closet.

Restoring your saved closet layout:
- If you find that the order of your items has been mixed up and you want to revert back to the saved order, simply head to the PosherVA SHARE tab.
- Under the "Rearrange" section, click "Restore Layout." Your items will then be shared in the order you had previously saved.

Points to Remember:

- Ensure you've saved your desired layout before using the "Restore Layout" function.
- The restore function will share items based on the last saved order. Any changes made to your closet after saving the layout will need a new layout save.

What happens when items sell?

When some items are sold from the saved layout, they won't be shared and will be moved to the bottom of your closet while restoring the saved layout. When new items are added, you'll have the option to move them to the top or bottom of the closet when start the "Restore process".

With the "Rearrange" feature, maintaining the aesthetic and organization of your Poshmark closet is easier than ever. Say goodbye to manual reordering and enjoy the consistency of your closet layout with the help of PosherVA!

Additional Feature - Closet Organizer:
Apart from the "Rearrange" functionality, we also offer an "Closet Organizer" feature. With this, you can conveniently organize your closet items through a drag-and-drop mechanism and then share in the order. Our "Organize Closet" tool streamlines this process, making closet organization more efficient and user-friendly.

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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