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Share to Followers & Parties

Share to Followers & Parties

Everything you need to know about the Sharing Feature including sharing, scheduled sharing, return sharing, and different types of sharing.

Forget the process of manually sharing by clicking buttons for hours each day with PosherVA’s Sharing Feature. 🔥

PosherVA performs sharing in many different ways, giving you control over what, where, how, and when to share your Poshmark™ listings.

With PosherVA, you establish sharing settings to customize your preferences and make more sales!

With PosherVA, you can establish sharing settings to optimize your daily shares. This is one of the many things that makes PosherVA better than Poshmark™ Bulk Tools. 🔥

An Overview of the Share Tab:

Type of sharing refers to how and to where PosherVA will share your listings. See below.

Source of items refers to which listings to share. You can share all of your listings, or filter your page to segment listings and share only those.

Sharing speed refers to how many seconds elapse between shares.

Sharing settings enable you to:

Enter a number of listings to share
Share your closet in reverse order to preserve the current order of listings, or, alternatively, randomize.
Also share your listings to the active Poshmark™ Party.
Continuously share, or repeat this action multiple times consecutively - read more details about this option here->.

Note: Click Start to share with current settings or click Schedule to schedule automatic daily sharing. Learn more about how scheduling here.

Learn more about settings and best practices below 👇🏽

Self-Sharing: Share to Followers & Parties

Self-shares are the most important type of shares! This is when you share your listings to your followers. 🔑

Here is more information about when, where, why, and how to share your Listings with PosherVA:

Why Do I Need To Share My Poshmark Listings?

Sharing your Poshmark™ listings is crucial. When you share your listings, they are advanced to the top of search results and the top of the newsfeed.

How Often Do I Need to Share My Poshmark Listings?

You want to share your listings as much as possible; at the very least, once daily, but perform up to 8k self-shares daily for best results.

Tip: Use scheduled sharing for automated daily sharing to maximize optimal sharing times. Learn more here.

You should also share your listings to active Poshmark™ parties (see below).

Which Poshmark listings should I share?

Generally, you share your entire closet.

If you have a large closet or you want to give extra exposure to certain items, you could choose to share a subset.

Tip: Do you have listings (like closet signs) that are marked as “not for sale” that you want PosherVA to share? We recommend that you mark them as available with an arbitrarily high price like $999.

How to Share a Subset of Items:

To share only a subset of items, you will use Posh’s filters to filter the page (by category/brand/size/etc.) to display only the items you want to share.

Under Source of items, you will select “From current page” to share only items that currently appear on your page after filtering accordingly.

More Ways to Share Your Poshmark Listings with PosherVA:

What is a Poshmark™ Party?

Party-sharing is when you share your listings to the active Poshmark™ Party. Posh Parties are live shopping events where you can share your relevant listings to be featured for maximum exposure.

Posh Parties happen four times daily (9 AM PT, 12 PM PT, 4 PM PT, 7 PM PT). The first three daily parties are brand and category-specific, so you cannot share all of your listings. You can share your entire closet to the 7 PM style party.

In the Share Tab, you can opt to share your listings only to the active Posh Party by choose the Type of sharing: To posh party. But, it is better to share to Followers and select the box Share eligible listings to party to also share eligible listings to the active Party. That means when the PosherVA shares items with your followers, the software will automatically share those items to any ongoing "party" if they meet the party's criteria.

ENL Sharing refers to sharing accomplished via the “Edit-Next-List” method.

What is ENL Sharing?

This is the equivalent of clicking “edit” “next” and “list” on your listings (rather than clicking the share icon) to accomplish a share.

While there is no concrete proof that ENL sharing is more effective, many Poshers swear by this mode of sharing. Try for yourself in the Share Tab!

To learn how to schedule daily self-shares, click here.

To learn about how to do community shares, click here.

Updated on: 01/10/2024

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