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Continuous sharing mode

NOTE: We are actively developing enhancements for the Continuous mode to allow it to run indefinitely, removing the current daily maximum limit. In the existing version, users are required to set a limit on the number of share cycles. This determines how many times the closet will be shared in succession, from start to finish.

When you click the "Start" button or schedule a sharing session in PosherVA, your entire closet will be shared once from start to end by default. However, if you want to share your closet multiple times in a row, you can enable the "Continuous sharing" mode in the share settings. Simply toggle it on to activate and click "Start" to launch the sharing, or "Schedule" to plan sharing for a specific time later.

The "Continuous sharing" mode has a two options:
Continuous Cycle Limit -determines the number of cycles or loops that will be used to share the items from your closet.
Continuous Delay Between Cycles - specifies the delay or pause between each cycle in minutes.

For example, if you want to share the closet twice and want the tool to wait for five minutes after each cycle, you need to set the "Continuous Cycle Limit" to 2 and the "Continuous Delay Between Cycles" to 5. Once you have set these values, click on the "Start" button to begin the sharing process.

When sharing a run with the Continuous Share mode, you can view the information at the bottom of the Activity Log after each cycle. If you see the message "💤 Sleeping, waiting for the next continuous iteration", it means that the tool is paused for a certain amount of time due to the 'Continuous Delay Between Cycles' and is waiting to start the next cycle.

How to use Continuous sharing with Schedules

In addition to Schedule sharing for later use, PosherVA allows you to combine continuous sharing with scheduled sessions to manage multiple sharing activities within a specified timeframe.

The setup for this combined mode is akin to scheduling a standard, one-time closet share. Begin by selecting your preferred share options. Next, activate the "Continuous Sharing" feature. You will then need to specify both the "Continuous Cycle Limit" and the "Continuous Delay Between Cycles." After setting these parameters, click "Schedule."

Now, select the desired time for your schedule and save it. Your schedule will be stored with the continuous mode activated. See the example in the image below:

To review the settings of a specific added schedule, click on its name from the list of schedules located at the top of the "SHARE" tab.

Updated on: 01/10/2024

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