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How to share only a part of the closet

How to share just part of the closet (use filters like brand, category, price)

To share only a part of your closet, use filters such as Category, Brand, and price range.

Follow these steps to apply Poshmark filters to your closet and share specific categories, brands, or listings within a certain price range:

Go to your closet page ("My Closet").

On the left side of the page, use the filtering options to select items you wish to share.

Open the PosherVA popup window.

Choose Type of Sharing: To Followers.

Select Source of items: From current page.

Choose the desired Sharing options, such as sharing speed and the number of items to share.

Click the Start button.

For a visual demonstration, check out this video:

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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