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Schedule sharing from someone's closet or from the feed

Schedule Community shares

Poshmark encourages sellers to actively participate in Community Sharing by sharing items from other users' closets.

Benefits of Sharing Someone's Item

Sharing items from someone's closet on Poshmark benefits both the person sharing and the original poster. When you share these items, they appear in your followers' feed, significantly increasing visibility and potentially leading to more buyers and sales for the shared closet. Moreover, sharing cultivates a sense of community and reciprocity on the platform. Users whose items you share are likely to reciprocate, enhancing your own visibility. This mutual support fosters a vibrant community, encouraging engagement and networking, which are key to success on Poshmark.

To maximize your time for more valuable activities, consider scheduling community shares with PosherVA.

You can schedule shares from:
Someone's closet
Main Poshmark feed
Specific categories, brands, parties, or search results pages.

Keep in mind that community shares count towards your total daily share limit. It's important not to overdo the community shares, as sharing your own items is still more beneficial.

How to Schedule Shares

Navigate to the closet page from which you wish to share items, e.g., or
Open the PosherVA popup window.
Choose Type of Sharing: To Followers.
Select Source of Items: From Current Page.
Pick a Sharing Speed. Opting for Medium or Slow is generally best.
Input the Number of Items to Share. Specify how many items you want to share to avoid sharing the entire closet by mistake.
Click Schedule.
Set a time and click Schedule again.

To view your scheduled shares, open the SCHEDULES list and click on the desired schedule name (time). You'll see all the details of your scheduled shares, as shown in the example below:

Check out more information about community shares and schedules.

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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