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Schedule Sharing

Schedule Sharing

Learn how to schedule daily shares at optimal sharing times to improve exposure and make sales around the clock.

Forget the process of manually sharing by clicking buttons for hours each day with PosherVA’s Sharing Feature. 🔥

PosherVA performs sharing in many different ways, giving you control over what, where, how, and when to share your Poshmark™ listings.

The best part is, you can schedule shares so your closet is sharing 24/7 at the best times to make more sales than ever! ✨

With PosherVA, you can schedule self-shares and/or community shares:

With PosherVA, you can establish sharing settings and optimum times to share your closet (or share other closets). Sharing your closet frequently will lead to more sales than ever!

Scheduling shares with PosherVA is simple 👌🏽

First, you establish your sharing settings.

Then, you schedule your daily shares.

First, establish your sharing settings.

On the share tab, you will establish your sharing preferences including type of sharing, source of items, sharing speeds, and sharing settings. Learn more about each option here.

Note: This is where you will elect whether to do self-shares in your own closet or community shares in other Poshers’ closets.

Once your settings are perfect, select schedule.

Then, schedule your daily shares.

Once you click schedule, a box will appear where you can enter the time to schedule the round of sharing.

Check off the box below the time if you would like to share every day at this time.

You will be able to see and confirm your sharing settings before scheduling.

You can schedule multiple times. We recommend up to 8k daily shares

Once you have sharing scheduled, you will see your scheduled times at the top of the Sharing tab.

How Do I Schedule Sharing at Different Times?

You can schedule multiple rounds of daily sharing.

After you schedule sharing for a specific time, you can repeat this process with a different time selection to schedule multiple daily rounds of sharing.

You can schedule multiple rounds of daily sharing, and your settings might be different for each one (for example, you might choose to share your seasonal items more than your others).

Here, you can see multiple rounds of daily scheduled shares.

You can change this at any time:

Add a scheduled sharing round by repeating the scheduling process (above).

Remove a scheduled round by clicking the red x.

How many shares should I schedule daily?

You should schedule up to 8k daily shares. Learn more about sharing limits here.

At which times should I share my closet?

This is a matter of preference. The number of daily sharing rounds that you can complete will depend on your closet size. You do not want to exceed 8k daily shares.

To determine the amount of sharing rounds to complete, determine your active listing number in your Posh Stats.

8,000 divided by # of active listings= # of times you can share your entire closet within 24 hours.

For example:

If you have 200 active listings, you can share your whole closet 40 times; approximately every 40 minutes.
If you have 2,000 active listings, you can only share 4 times, and you might want to choose them more carefully.

⚠️ Don’t forget that community shares are included in the 8k daily share limit. So, if you want to share others’ listings or use the Activity Returner to automate reciprocated sharing, you will want to leave room for those shares.

What is the Best Time of Day to Share my Poshmark Closet?

Other Factors to consider when determining times to share your closet:

Time Zones: remember there are six time zones in the U.S.
Phone usage: At what time are people most active on their cell phones? Research suggests early morning and later evening.
Poshmark™ Parties: Maximize your reach by sharing during the four daily parties(9 AM PT, 12 PM PT, 4 PM PT, 7 PM PT), especially during the last style party where you can share your entire closet.

Learn more about best sharing times and see recommended daily sharing schedules in this post by a top Poshmark seller. 🌟

Looking for more information about how, when, where, and why to share?  Click here.

To learn about community-sharing, click here

Updated on: 10/19/2023

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